Public Speaking to advocate, engage, and explain health care laws and systemic matters to diverse audiences. Analyzing complex health care and other resource issues and producing understandable actionable reports. Supporting compliance for health & welfare plan regulations. Negotiating contracts for cost/benefit improvements through global resources in medical care

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2010 Health Reform Implementation Guidelines

Health Care Reform Compliance Guidelines This article addresses the implementation schedule for the health care reforms that apply to private health insurance plans under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Public Health Service Act stipulations. It is important to note these new provisions impact both self-insured and fully insured group health insurance […]

Insurance Changes from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

How Insurance Companies, Employers, and Insureds will fare under the PPAC Act Some of the legislators think the healthcare reform bill, signed by President Obama is a catastrophe, but from this angle it looks like a big win for the insurance industry. Though lots of things are missing from the bill, such as cost containment, […]

How Hospitals will fare under the 2010 Public Health Service Act

Listening to some of the law makers you would think the healthcare reform bill, signed by President Obama was an apocalypse now, rather than a process, albeit a messy one, of change in our democracy. Certainly lots of things are missing from the single biggest healthcare reform (cost containment) since the initiation of Medicare in […]


Roberta Winter, MHA, MPA is president of Praevalere Inc.®, an independent consulting firm that specializes in policy analysis and process improvement. Roberta spent her formative years in the health and welfare industry, working for regional (Schwarz, Shera, & Associates), national (Fred S. James), and global brokerage entities (Sedgwick James Consulting Group) before starting her own brokerage firm in 1992, which incorporated as Praevalere Inc.® in 1996. Winter sold her brokerage portfolio in November of 2000 to pursue other interests. After completion of her MHA in 2004 she worked as an internal process improvement consultant for Seton Health Network, a division of Ascension Health, in Austin, Texas. Roberta returned to the Puget Sound area to complete her MPA in 2006. She has participated in consulting projects through her corporation since 2002.

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