Policy Research & Analysis

Roberta Winter has published over twenty four health policy articles since 2007. Articles have included the following topics:

  • Supplemental Children’s Health Insurance Funding
  • The Cost to Die; An Insider’s View on Terminally ill Patients and Advanced Directives
  • Death with Dignity Initiatives
  • The True Cost of Health Care in America Insurance
  • Insurance is Not Health Care
  • Analysis of Health Care Reform Platforms of Presidential Candidates
  • The Five Things You Need to Ask Yourself about Health Care Reforms
  • Assessing the Real Cost of Health Care in America
  • Overhauling the United States Health Care System
  • How to Access Health Care without Insurance
  • Pay or Play: Obama versus Baucus Health Plans
  • European Country Goes Back to Private Insurance
  • Cost to Change Breast Cancer Protocols
  • Nursing Shortage in the USA
  • Medical Tourism and Quality Measures
  • How Hospitals will Fare under the Public Health Service Act of 2010
  • How Insurance Companies, Employers, and Individuals fare under the Patient Protection and Affordability Act of 2010
  • 2010 Administrative Guidelines of the Health Care Reform Act

Pharmacy Value Creation – Developed an implementation plan and cost benefit analysis for a Robotic IV Drug Machine to improve patient safety and cut supply costs for the Network Director of Pharmacy. Total ROI for this project was $2.7 million over ten years.

Nurse Staffing Initiatives-Developed Proforma for Seton Nursing School, estimated ROI of $2.4 million over five years. Evidence Based Planning-Analyzed the Coumadin Clinic Performance at an urban trauma center to support expansion of services. Savings were based on a reduced incidence of hospitalization and emergency department use and were estimated at $290,000 over 12 months.